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Cognician Vacancies 2024 Apply Here Cognician Careers Government Jobs Available Now In South Africa 2024. Latest Cognician Job Vacancy 2024

Cognician Jobs Everyonea’s Always in the Search for a Good Job- High Pay, Job Security, Space to Grow. It’s What We Prepare Our Whole Lives For. However, it’s Gotten More and More Difficult in Recent Years, With Population Growth and Companies Preferring Cheap Labour.

Cognician is Currently Hiring for a Few Posts in South Africa Government Jobs.

Below, We have Provided More Details on the Kinds of Positions Available, the Pay, How to Apply, and More.

Cognician Vacancies 2024 | Apply Online For Copywriter Job Opportunity

Working at Cognician Jobs 2024 Vacancies: Cognician is one of the leading South Africa Government Vacancies Jobs Providing Company. Based in South Africa, with its Main Base of Operations in Cape Town, they Specialize in Online Classified Advertising, Publishing, Payments and Venture Capital Investment.

Right now, Cognician has a Few Job Openings they are Hiring For. Jobs Near Me at Cognician in Cape Town, Western Cape. These Posts Will be Opening in South Africa, so For Those Who are Available to Work there or Wish to Work on an International Level, this Will be a Good Job Opportunity. No Deadline has Yet been Announced, but the Sooner You Apply, the Better Chances You Have.

Indeed Careers24 Jobs in South Africa. If You Wish to Know More, or Apply for a Job Position, You Can Click on This Link:

Job Summary For Cognician Vacancies 2024

Last Date to Apply: As Per Hiring Organization Required
Hiring Organization Cognician Careers Vacancy
Job Profile Copywriter
Salary Average R 21 580 monthly
Job Location Jobs In Cape Town
Provinces Jobs In Western Cape
South Africa Government Jobs 2024

Full Job Description of Cognician Vacancies 2024

As There are Several Job Positions That have Opened up, Each one Has its Own Job Description as Well, as Well as Slightly Different Requirements and Qualifications.

Whenever a Job Vacancy is Issued, there are Some Criteria Stated in the Eligibility Section That the Applied/ Interested Candidate has to Meet. Otherwise, they Won’t be Able to Get Selected for the Concerned Post.

Therefore, the Sections That a Candidate has to Match for this Vacancy are as Follows-

Full Details For Copywriter Jobs

An experienced Copywriter who can powerfully differentiate our messaging.


History and purpose

Cognician is a multi-award-winning online learning company with offices in South Africa, the UK and the USA. Our founding belief is that people are capable of great things when their behaviour is driven by powerful ideas and deeply felt emotions. Driven by this belief we bring together a unique approach to learning and a world-class tech platform to activate behaviour change in large, global organisations. Our purpose is to create a world in which current ways of working pose no barrier to rapid transformation, and every employee feels empowered to activate new, productive behaviors for themselves, their team and their organisation. What does this mean? It means we deliver significant, measurable behaviour change to our clients in 30 days or less.

Cognician was founded in 2010 by Barry and Patrick Kayton, who grew the company and platform out of their previous instructional design agency, Bright Sparks, founded in 1999. After being joined by Robert Stuttaford, CTO, and Michael Leeman, CFO, the core founding team went on to grow Cognician into a team of 60, and the world’s best-kept secret in corporate learning. Only a string of international awards have occasionally broken the silence of our marketing efforts and encouraged us to tell our story to the world.

Although the majority of our team is based in Cape Town, we have very few South African clients. Our primary global partner and client is Accenture. Via Accenture and other partners we have acquired an enviable list of Fortune 500 clients. Our aim now is to accelerate our growth through content marketing, driving the sale of our packaged products and maintaining a compelling dialogue with clients and prospects

Job description

We’re looking for a Copywriter who can powerfully differentiate our messaging, break through the noise and move customers along in their journey. You will be partnering with Marketing, Sales, Product and other teams to advance our mission.

You will play a pivotal role in shaping how we communicate the value of our products to our clients around the globe. You will be responsible for writing meaningful and compelling content: website pages, long form articles, ebooks, book chapters, case studies, reports, decks, emails, blog posts, infographics, one-pagers, social media, video, and ads.

You’ll work with Cognician’s founders, other team members, and on your own, to create content that is thought-provoking, engaging, but most of all, genuinely useful to our clients.

You will need to shape content to meet readers wherever they may be on their journey from strangers, to prospects, to customers, to promoters – engaging, attracting and delighting at every opportunity. The purpose of this content and approach is to drive prospects forward in their buying decisions, building their confidence in our solution, one step at a time.

We’re looking for someone who finds the work we do at Cognician to be personally meaningful. The successful candidate will be driven by a passion to share our story, our vision, our approach, our successes with the world.

You will report directly to the CEO.

How do you know this job is for you?

Here are some things that folks might have said about you, or that you might believe are true about yourself.

You love to learn, and you think that education is the foundation of growth and greatness in people and in economies.

You’re fascinated by ideas, and you’re deeply moved by powerful human stories.

You believe that large organisations can be a force for change in the world. When working with large companies you can have an impact on 10,000, 20,000… 500,000 people, and the millions of people they serve.

You’re energised by creative pursuits of all kinds.

You are tickled by tinkering with tech. You’re a typical innovator or early adopter.

You love stories and storytelling, and you especially get a kick out of telling stories that folks haven’t heard before.

You’re fascinated by human behaviour, and how well-crafted marketing messaging can influence an audience and be a force for good.

Also, think about the extent to which these statements apply to you:

  • You want to understand the strategy on a deep level and you want the flexibility to execute tactics in support of it, as you see fit. You don’t need to be told what to do to make this work. You’ll figure it out on your own.
  • You’re a thorough planner. You love huge spreadsheets that organise your time and activities in great detail.
  • You’re the kind of person who creates documents – presentations, discussion documents, infographics – to extend your mind, organise your thoughts and share them with others.
  • When you have a feeling that something isn’t quite right about a piece of content, you don’t feel good sharing it with the world until it’s not just fixed, but great!
  • You seek out the opinions and support of others, knowing that there is an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in the business, and you firmly believe that, as a team, we’re capable of far more than we are as a group of individuals.
  • You love communicating with people, both in the business, and with our customers. You’re energised by making strong connections with other people.
  • You take curveballs, setbacks, disappointment and stress in your stride. These are all part of the terrain of the working world, and you’ve developed a fitness for long distance journeys across this landscape.
  • You prefer simple, clear, coherent writing to business jargon, and you’re passionate about perfect spelling and grammar.
  • You’re generally known to be exceptionally smart and creative.

A typical day

[Before you kick off, we hope you’ve had a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast, and perhaps a walk or a run, with lots of fresh air. We value wellbeing, and it starts with how you organise your day.]


  • You check Asana to review your tasks for the day, to make sure you’ll meet your content deadlines ahead of schedule.
  • You consult your marketing planner to ensure there is long-term alignment with the priorities you’ve set for today. You love toggling between the big picture and the details.
  • You check Slack for messages from the marketing team, and read their thanks for completing an ebook on Cognician’s unique approach to activating behaviour change.
  • You review the Hubspot stats for recently-published content. Air punch as you see the number of likes and shares on a recent article you wrote for one of Cognician’s Founders.
  • You turn to Google docs and review your recently-completed case study summarizing a Cognician client engagement. You spend 15 minutes polishing the content and feel a sense of accomplishment as you check the task off in Asana.
  • With the case study finished, you condense the material into two more pieces of content: an infographic and a slide presentation, and you hand these over to the design team to finish with graphics.

Late morning

  • You listen to a podcast recorded by Barry and Patrick (CEOs) with a client and come up with ideas for how to extend the recording into new content.
  • You make notes for your afternoon calls with them.
  • You can’t help feeling that more people need to know about the amazing impact that Cognician programmes achieve at major, global clients. The creative challenge of getting new stories out to the world is thrilling!

Early afternoon

  • You hop on a Zoom call with Patrick (based in the UK) to generate the source material for a new article. You discuss Marshall McLuhan’s idea that the medium is the message, and how this applies in Cognician. It’s a conversation in which your questions spark new stories from Patrick.
  • After you wrap up the call, you upload the recording to Rev to get an automated transcription. You’ll use the transcription as the basis for the next LinkedIn article you write for Patrick.

Late afternoon

  • You hop on a Zoom call with Barry (based in California) to generate the source material for a chapter in Barry & Patrick’s forthcoming book: The Quest for Change.
  • The title of the chapter is “How does Activating Behaviour Solve Problems?” and you and Barry discuss the problems experienced by people responsible for learning and change: low levels of engagement with learning; passive learning experiences with little to no impact on behavior; difficulty measuring impact and ROI. The conversation lasts an hour, and by the end of it you know you have more than enough material to write at least 3,500 words. You upload the recording to Rev, and you’re almost done for the day. Just one more task…
  • Prep for the next day!

Your position

  • Your most important function is to channel the knowledge accumulated by Barry & Patrick since the early 1990s into content that turns prospects into customers and, eventually, promoters.
  • You will create B2B marketing content that builds brand preference, audience engagement, digital authority, and website traffic.
  • You will accelerate lead creation, conversion, and revenue by providing compelling and high-engagement content.
  • You will produce well-researched content for multiple channels – website, blog, email nurtures, ads, sales collateral, videos, and more.
  • You will use Cognician’s messaging framework to ensure consistency across all Cognician assets.
  • You will organize writing schedules to complete drafts of content and ensure timely delivery of materials.
  • You will use SEO strategies in writing to maximize Cognician’s website visibility in search results.
  • You will collaborate with Cognician team members to identify needs and gaps in our content and recommend new topics.
  • You will review content marketing KPIs to inform and optimize ongoing content marketing efforts.
  • You will work closely with the marketing team to maintain a master editorial calendar.
  • You will periodically refresh content to ensure it is accurate and aligned with our content marketing strategy.




  • Demonstrated experience as a writer of content for business readers.
  • Experience in HR, L&D, change management or related fields.
  • Superior communication skills.


  • Experience in marketing learning and change offerings, whether technical in nature or consulting offerings.



  • We’re a “Top Culture Company”. We have an award to prove it 🙂
  • We value Questioning, Integrity, Excellence, Action, Teamwork, Empathy, People, and Wellbeing. We don’t expect you to recite the definitions, or even remember the list. We hire people who share our values, though. And our rituals, processes and the ways in which we celebrate achievement are all built on these foundations. So is the Cognician platform itself, and the ways in which we deal with our customers: it’s layer upon layer of value-driven DNA.
  • There are a lot of parents among us. We do school drop-offs and pick-ups, and we know what it means to balance family and work life.
  • We do a monthly Mini Mind Meld, and an annual Mega Mind Meld, where we stop and think about the business, rather than work in it. In Covid-free times, our annual Mega Mind Melds are off site, over a couple of days, usually at Stanford Valley Lodge. They’re a great way to kick back and get to know your colleagues, and also to help in shaping the business for the long term.
  • Each month our teams take a day out – LXD day, CX day, Tech day, etc. – to think about their work and bond with each other without being immersed in the work itself.
  • We braai, we walk in forests, we meet up for a range of activities, creativity and fun.
  • We have quarterly internal awards, which we call Mind, Heart and Hands. This is one of the ways in which we recognise and appreciate our people for living up to our values, as well as exhibiting great thinking, emotional investment, and strong action orientation.
  • Weekly team meetings end in appreciation sessions, which can often run over time. We genuinely care for each other, and for the ways in which we work together.
  • Everything we do is about meaningful work. Our work improves the lives of the people who take our programmes. And it improves the organisations who run them. Big ships like the Fortune 500 clients we work with are slow to turn. But each of our programmes turns them a degree at a time in a new direction. Over time, they sail a completely new course.



  • We cover your home wifi costs in full.
  • You’ll have access to the very best digital coaching programs we offer, and numerous opportunities for learning and development.
  • Our Employee Assistance Program enables access to a range of services.
  • Every five years you get an extra month of paid leave as a sabbatical.
  • We use Macs, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. If you’re not breathing a sigh of relief, we will get you through this.
How To Apply For Cognician Careers 2024

Cognician is Currently Recruiting, therefore, Those who are Interested and Possess the Above Required Qualifications, Can Apply to These Vacancies in the Following Manner:

  • Visit this Below link and Create a Account to Able to Access the Application Page.
  • Once You Can See the Job Openings, Click on the One That Interests You and is Suited to Your Qualifications.
  • Read Through the Job Description to Make Sure it is Your Intended Choice, and Then Click on ‘APPLY’.
  • Fill up the Application Form With as Many Details as Possible and Make Sure it is All Accurate. Once You Are Done, Double-check the Form to Make Sure There are No Mistakes.
  • After Double-checking The Form, Click Submit.
  • It is Advisable to Save the Form in Case it is Required for Future Reference.
Submission Link For Cognician Vacancies 2024

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